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      I've always known that I wanted to be an artist. I never knew what direction I wanted to go with my art, but the passion for creating something moving has always been there, engraved in the core of who i am. I am originally from Boston, but made the move to Pennsylvania in 2011. in 2014, I was feeling completely lost about where I wanted to take my life in a professional sense, when i took up photography as a form of therapy. It was a life changing moment for me. I finally knew what my passion was.

         i now have experience in everything from Freelance photojournalism for local papers, to real estate photography, events, portraits, and concert shoots for local bands. My real passion, however, is photography in the form of fine art. Specifically Abandoned architectural portraitism. Pittsburgh is an especially inspiring area for this art form. It has some of the most beautiful and impressive industrial architecture in North America, in my opinion. being able to bring some life back into these industrial powerhouses that have laid forgotten and reclaimed by nature is one of the great loves of my life. I hope that you enjoy my work as much as i enjoy sharing it with you.

     If you are a local business that would like to discuss display options, would like to request specific portfolios or credentials for employment purposes, or any additional information about my work, buying prints, or booking shoots, feel free to email me at:

*a 15% donation will be made to a local charity for any of my work that is purchased from another local business.

All photos on this Page have been taken by Amanda Baker as she continues on this crazy-beautiful journey of self discovery.